OK... here we go again... any input would be greatly appreciated.

New customer with existing MS Server 2003 using Foxpro 2.6 VB9 ODB2

Everything is messed up that is connected from his website to his server at his office, the guy that designed the server and interface keeps disapearing on him.

He doesnt need existing files from the server, he can just store them. Best solution is just to take his website and start again. and Create a proper website with customer interface in PHP and MySQL. no problem....

The customer has a New foxpro guy that is trying to help the issues on his server 2003 that he already owns, so he wants to keep it, thinking he is saving money.

But he wants his customers to search everything on his database, that pertains to their own accounts, and he wants to control his whole business , which requires me to build all the templates for all those actions... but he wants to force me to use his servers database.

Explained we can do that... but with a little more work he can also have the MySQL as well. and scrap the Server.
The biggest Issue I have... :-) is I dont have someone on staff that has ASP knowledge so causes a major gap.... But have Plenty with PHP MySql and pretty much everything else..

Any suggestions on dealing with the interface with his server ?

Thanks, Much appreciated to all who comment