Today I was looking through my Dreamweaver settings and noticed these things in the Prefernces for Line Breaks:

CR LF = Windows
CR = Macintosh

By default, if you use the Windows version of Dreamweaver/UltraDev, it sets your line breaks to CR LF and if you use the Mac OS9/OSX version of it, it sets it to CR.

In my development enviroment, we have people here who use both Mac and PC versions of Dreamweaver for HTML and PHP coding. I am just curious.. which one is the preferred Line Break method?

The reason I ask this is because if I open up a web page created by the Mac version of Dreamweaver (or any text doc) with Notepad I get these block characters in my text. I am not sure if it can affect the way PHP acts in reading the code, but I want to be 100% sure that its safe.

I mean.. I can set my Line Breaks to CR (Macintosh) in my Windows version of Dreamweaver and I may or may not set it to that to maintain compatiablity with the Mac people.

Any suggestions? Thanks!