Hello all Ruby programmers!

I'm a php & flash developer by trade. I recently completed a small project for a client and they were so happy they presented me with another project , to add a little functionality to their current system. I said I'd be happy to take a look at it....

Anyways, long story short their site is built in Ruby on Rails, of which I now nothing about. I'm watching a tutorial right now but I'm not thinking it will be worth me learning and entire language for a small side project such as this. I'm all about moving and growing with technology, but I'm swamped with work from my own disciplines at the moment and just don't think it would be profitable for me to jump feet first in Ruby at the moment.

So I'm thinking about farming this out, which leads me to my problem....

I have no idea what a good fee would be to pay someone for this RoR project.....? The scope of the project is not very large, it's just adding 1 page(or view) to view data that's already in the database. This data will need to be sortable, and viewable based on user access level. I'm working up full project specs right now. I would give project specs and a psd mockup but all existing stylesheets and graphics already exist.

I just know that if this were in php it would take me a total of a day (maybe two) to complete and test this project. I can't imagine it taking any longer in RoR. Actually by judging from this tut, RoR should develop faster.

So, any comments or suggestions you guys may have that would point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.