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    Backup Ubuntu settings (wubi installer)

    I gave the wubi installer a try and have been playing with ubuntu on my laptop and am sold on it, but I do not like the way that wubi has installed it on the same partition as windows.

    I knew it was going to do this, but I think I could get better performance with a real install on a separate partition. So my question is:

    Is there anyway I can backup all/some/any of the settings, installations and/or customizations I have made to the wubi install before I uninstall it? Then when I install ubuntu on a separate partition, import them? Or am I stuck doing it all over again?
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    Welcome to a Windoze-free world!!!

    Tar your home directory to backup your user settings. Then run this command to get a list of programs you have installed (it will help you remember what you added and you can even run the list via apt-get if you like):

    dpkg --get-selections (list of installed proggies)

    dpkg --get-selections > ~/Desktop/file name (writes to a file of your choice)

    Then save anything that might be installed in opt also - I have XAMPP with all my websties there.


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