Hi there.

I had a domain.
I also had major issues with the webhost through which i registered and hosted the site. Among other things, they were overcharging me and we entered a long period of email exchanges to sort our disagreements.

I had other sites to tend to and did not renew the website which has now entered a redemption period.

Webhost claims i must pay $160 to get my name back.

I want the domain back. I obviously dont want to pay $160.
And even if i decide to pay this fee, i definitely want to move it to a new host.

I believe the redemption period is 30-40 days, after which it goes back into the market at regular price.

So, i was thinking of purchasing the same name but xxx_dot_net instead of xxx_dot_com

Once the dot com domain name entered the market again, i would purchase it at regular price.

Is this a good plan?
Should i backorder the dot com now too?

Your help suggestions be very appreciated.