Hello Friends,

I am keyur vaghani and working on cake php 1.2.

Please help me out from following issue on cake php 1.2 related to post values of selected multiple check boxes.

I want to list multiple check boxes with same name on different rows and post its values as array with selected (checked) check boxes, but it couldn't and only get post value as last selected control check box element value.

Because It will generate auto hidden element with each different row check box control and here the original check box control name is generated with array and it is correct like [Model][fieldname][] but it couldn't generate this array name of hidden control that's why i am facing major trouble while posting.

for example,

$options=array(1=>" Test Check Box Option1");
e($form->select('ProfilePermissionsMaster.permission',$options,NULL,array('multiple'=>'checkbox' , 'separator'=>' <br> ','value'=>'1')));

$options2=array(1=>" Test Check Box Option2");
e($form->select('ProfilePermissionsMaster.permission',$options2,NULL,array('multiple'=>'checkbox' , 'separator'=>' <br> ','value'=>'2')));

$options3=array(1=>" Test Check Box Option3");
e($form->select('ProfilePermissionsMaster.permission',$options,NULL,array('multiple'=>'checkbox' , 'separator'=>' <br> ','value'=>'3')));


It want post values like as below, but couln't get it ??

Array( [ProfilePermissionsMaster] =>Array(

[permission] => Array
[0] => 1
[1] => 2
[2] => 3



as well as when ever i set value attribute, it will display checked check box why?

Thanks and Regards,