Hi guys.

I'm still at the early stages of learning so be gentle. However I used want to ask a question about an active record query I am trying to run.

I have set up a table for my users and have populated in, created the model and I can queries against it. I now want the user to be able to visit http://localhost/profile/show/1 (1 being the user_id) and show the stories they have entered. This also has a model and is working properly as I have constructed an index page which lists recent articles and another page which shows them.

However I can't get the articles for a selected user to appear on the profile page.

My code is below...

class ProfileController < ApplicationController

  def show
  	@user = User.find(params[:id])
	@stories = Story.find :all, :conditions => "user_id = params[:id]"	

<p><%= @user.name %></p>

<% for story in @stories %>
	<%= story.headline %>
<% end %>
Thanks in advance.