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<title>The importance of video on the internet...</title>
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       <h2>The importance of video on the internet...</h2>
<p>There is no magic bullet to kick start your internet marketing strategy, there is no single factor that will bring you online success, but every business owner should have an Arsenal of effective methods and strategies that they can put in place for certain scenarios that best suit the given situation.
Would you advertise your business in the real world simply by placing an advert in the local newspaper? Or by one solitary advertisement in the Yellow Pages?... no you wouldn't.</p>
<p>Any business owner worth his salt would have different strategies in place to get the word out about their business. Ads in the local newspaper, flyers, business cards, business network clubs, referral systems. Run a local radio ad campaign. Cold calling, Proliferate a word of mouth campaign.
There are so many valid ways to market your business offline that it is almost impossible to list them all here. These are all quite effective methods of bringing about more awareness to your business given that they are used in the right situation. You would not necessarily join a business network organisation if you weren't confident in public speaking. A referral system is no good to you if you don't have a fluid movement of people through your everyday life? 
Used in a combination with methods you are comfortable with as a strategy for your business is the tried and trusted way that thousands of business owners promote their business's offline.</p>
<p>So why is it that business people new to the internet are at a loss where to start when they build a website? There used to be a saying "Build it and they will come"
"I thought when you put your site on the Internet, everyone in the world sees it and the business just comes to you,"  
is too often the last tearful battle cry of the fallen online business.</p>
<p>Any online presence whether  it is a brochure site,  a product information site, a community portal, a sales site or even an ASP [ An Application Service Provider ] is merely an extension of your business and should be treated accordingly.
If you designed an offline printed magazine aimed at the same niche market as your product or service, you would not have them printed and leave them in the office gathering dust?</p>
<p>Of course not, you would be distributing them, in dentist's waiting rooms. You would be asking the news agent to put them on his shelves, you would be paying students to distribute them in certain areas. All of these methods would be put into practice without so much as a second thought.
So why do people print an "online magazine" and simply sit and wait for miracles to happen?</p>
<p>They won't !</p>
<p>With the "attention span of a goldfish" you haven't very long to capture the interest of your new prospective customer.</p>
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