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    Can SP be any better?

    A staff area would be nice, but I don't find it necessary. As I don't have to deal with spam the same way Rudy does ( ) as I am only a mentor, my suggestion would be for the staff to participate in the forum.

    Let me explain a bit further. The good thing about working in a team is that Junior members can learn and be tutored by senior programmers. As a freelancer, I need to learn for myself, and it is easy to get stuck and frustrated because I don't improve my skills as I wish. Although I try to read as much as I can, it is hard to get time to practice and do all what I would love to do.

    On the other hand, I have been freelancing for a short time (for the Inland Revenue, almost two years, but I had a pneumonia that took 6 months of my time) and I am a software trainer, so I just get this bunch of information and things that I need to teach to others and not much time to learn.

    I love to help others, and try to sort out any problem that's given to me, but I miss the help and the guide that I used to have when I worked in a team.

    I think I could learn so much from the staff if I could know how they solve specific problems (as much as I love the newsletters, sometimes it is hard to apply and remember all that if you are not working in a project).

    My projects are small, and I have never dealt with large projects or databases that will have millions of data, or that need to use various servers or services.

    Basically, I would love to learn more and I think that the team has the knowledge I seek. I bit of guiding (in the sense of "you should learn this" or "you should really read this") sometimes would be great, but I think that's too much asking, really and "a bit" unrealistic.

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    How about an online reality show like Operation Repo or Dog the Bounty Hunter. The SP staff are followed around (on the live cam) while they seek out the spammers and guideline breakers.... they are confronted and are screaming in their wife beaters and nerd glasses... this does not phase the hardened staf... they just ban them.... roll commercial for the Sexy Webdesign book.

    Cam up the HQ I say. Now for a name...
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    Lol Alex, findout all of my bad habits? You have to wait for that to be revealed if I ever get MOTM ... Thanks for not sharing allthe details Rach .
    Always looking for web design/development work.


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