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    How would I go about doing this design?

    They have these fantastic Flash templates, here's one my friend bought.

    He wants me to fill in the info for him, the only problem I see however is that every time someone clicks on a menu link, it goes to a new page and the entire flash reloads creating a somewhat annoying effect.

    Could I somehow iframe the bottom half of the page and use some sort in the links so that it refreshes the bottom half to the appropriate page but not the top half (and also have the scrollbar over the entire 2 halves, not a 'bottom half' scrollbar.

    Or... perhaps code flash links somehow so that when they click it, it only plays the intro part when it goes to the main page? Im not sure hard that would be though because I don't know any actionscripting.

    any other easier ways?

    Thanks guys

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    Yes, the annoying flash-reload thing. I'll bet that's a template monster template.

    Here's what you can do do make a STATIC header:

    Load the page and wait for the flash header to finish. Then take a screen shot of the page. On a PC you do ALT+PrtScn (print screen). Then you have the actual browser "image" stored on the PC's clipboard.

    Open photoshop or some graphics editor and open a new document and just paste the screen shot that is on the clipboard. This static graphic will be the EXACT same picture as the frozen flash header because it is simply a shot of the header.

    I wouldn't mess with any frames, just make this static header, with a little cropping, into the background header of your interior pages.


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