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    I need an Inspiring video on Vim text editor

    Ok so i didn't exactly tell the truth, I use linux ocassionally and gedit is the editor that i use most on linux. Don't know much about linux server administration but hey it can't be that hard can it? Ok so long story short i got the job (oh did i mention the business owner is my uncle). Now i am stuck with a black ubuntu server screen and a command prompt and VIM . I am reading and learning about server stuff but VIM .

    Please I need an inspiring vim video one that will help lift my spirit up when i feel like tending in my resignation (yeah don't remind me credit crunch and all). there are a few on you tube but i haven't seen one that has put me in a trance yet.

    I'll be most gratefull and oh please remember me in your prayers.
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    Are you working directly on the server? Keyboard and mouse connected to the server itself? Well for me anyways I would use SSH to remotely connect to the server. This allows for two things, large workspace not compressed to a fixed resolution. Internet references at my finger tips without having to switch computers all the time to get help. There is a third...copy and paste.

    Installing SSH on Ubuntu Server is very easy. sudo apt-get install ssh

    As for VIM I'm not sure what kind of videos you are looking for and sadly I really don't know any. You really only need to know how to move around VIM and how to enter "input" mode and exit out of it to save and quit.
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