I am trying to build a site that allows the user to customize the content that is shown on their page. I'm wondering what is the best way to handle this:

1) Each page owner gets their own directory (www.example.com/bob)
2) Bob (the owner) can log into his account and access his Admin area where he can edit the text that appears on his home page (www.example.com/bob/Admin/editMyProfile.aspx)
3) Once Bob saves his changes the content is public on his main site (www.example.com/bob)
4) bill also has the same control over his webpage (www.example.com/bill)

I have created a SQL 2008 database that holds the information for Bob and Bill and created uniqueID's for each. What is the best way to display these custom pages and show the correct information with out using a URL parameter (index.aspx?id=Bob)? I want the URL/content to be accessible via the DIR (/bob) only.

Is it best to create a table for each custom page owner or store everything in one table and pull the info based on the uniqueID?

How do you connect a (/bob) with the uniqueID?

Thanks in advance!