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    Question Can someone guide me in the right direction? Need an "employee database online"


    Here is what I need.

    I need a registration page where one of our employees will enter their name, phone number, email and maybe a few other things as well as a password.

    I want their login to be their email and password.

    When they register, I need all that information to be stored in a database that can also be browsed through.

    Now, once the employee logs in, i want it to say "Welcome, Joe Smith". In this place I want that person to be able to edit their own personal information, such as if their phone number changes etc." Then, I need a few links that should be pretty standard.

    The biggest concern I have is I want them to be able to click on a link where they can find another employee's profile and click on it and see their information, such as name, email, phone etc.

    I know PHP - one a scale of 1-10 I would say a 4.

    If there is a nice script out there, that would be best, but if someone could be kind enough to lead me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you so much.

    - John

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    Maybe something like this?
    @AnthonySterling: I'm a PHP developer, a consultant for and the organiser of @phpne, a PHP User Group covering the North-East of England.

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    Do a search for recs4free. This site will allow you to create an online employee database based on a template.
    You will need to make it so that each user creates his own record. You can do this by setting user permissions.
    You will also need the Firefox browser to run the site.


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