This post is in reference to the errata for page 20 in conjunction with the Book: Build your own database driven website using php mysql.
The words of Site Point are inclosed by double brackets. [[example]]
[[in the latest version of mysql]]
It would be nice if Site Point could write what version they are referencing.
[[put the file in the /etc/ folder on your system]]
Could you please be more specific as to what OS you are referencing.
On the mac OS 10.4.11 there are a truckload of etc folders as well as system folders.
The only thing i am learning is patience.
I have not goten any where with this book in 60 day`s.
I have done a ship load of learning with the Terminal and searching other resources to learn MySQL and PHP.
I am getting p o ed. with this whole ship hole.
Please understand the word clarity.