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    My Book Recommendations

    I have lately seen many threads asking for books on a specific subject worthy of reading, so I thought I would put up a few from my own personal library which I have read and consider among the best in their class. While SitePoint’s books are fantastic and I can recommend them I have not included them on this list for the benefit of those wanting to experience a range of books outside of those sold here so don’t be offended!
    • HTML Mastery by Paul Haine (Fantastic guide to getting into HTML, discusses microformats and other modern enhancements you can include in a website as well.)
    • The Zen of CSS Design by Dave Shea & Molly Holzschlag (Beautiful design book, contains code and of course links with their amazing website, the CSS Zen Garden.)
    • CSS Mastery by Andy Budd (Kind of follows up HTML Mastery with CSS in mind but is the single best guide to getting to work with CSS I have ever read.)
    • DOM Scripting by Jeremy Keith (Best book on learning JavaScript I have read, it made me think differently about accessible client side scripting as part of a website.)
    • Designing with Web Standards by Jeffery Zeldman (The bible, talks about semantic mark-up, and is regarded by some as the best book on learning to code the basics.)
    • Web Standards Solutions by Dan Cederholm (Another great book on making your websites comply with standards and is worth purchasing.)
    • Web Accessibility by FriendsOfED publisher (Huge book, great information, helps you get to grips with producing a solid website that will work for anyone.)
    • The Design of Sites (The big red book which holds design trends, useful ideas and some great implementations, lots of patterns and specific attention to detail.)
    • Hot Text by Jonathan and Lisa Price (If you want to get to grips with writing content and working with type, this book I can recommend without question.)
    • Designing Web Usability by Jakob Neilson (The usability bible, it contains a lot of information and will help you get the general principles of usability down.)
    • Don't Make Me Think! By Steve Krug (This is a tiny book, but the information is funny and valuable, I could not put this hilarious but factual book down.)

    And here are some other books (not quite in the same league as the above or I found were lacking in some area but are worthy of mention none the less because they are great books and I enjoyed reading them.

    • Eric Meyer / More Eric Meyer on CSS (Eric Meyer)
    • Bulletproof AJAX (Jeremy Keith)
    • Bulletproof Web Design (Dan Cederholm)
    • Defensive Design for the Web (37Signals)
    • The Elements of User Experience (Jesse James Garrett)
    • Web Redesign 2.0 – Workflow that works (Multiple authors)
    • The Unusually Useful Web Book (June Cohen)
    • Prioritising Web Usability (Jakob Neilson)

    Note this is not my entire library but they are some of the highlights I would make, books which to some point changed my view on designing (at least to some small extent) rather than being another interesting but not inspiring title. So I hope you found it useful!

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    I have read many of the same books as well.

    Here are a few more to add on to the list: * No particular order *

    1. Microformats empowering your markup for Web 2.0 - John Allsopp
    2. The Ultimate CSS Reference - Tommy Olsson and Paul O’Brien
    3. Transcending CSS - Andy Clarke
    4. ppk on JavaScript - Peter-Paul Koch
    5. Pro JavaScript Techniques - John Resig

    More Book Reviews:

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    Defensive Design for the Web by 37signals is also a good read about usability.
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    I like the CSS mastery.
    I am new to web designing but I find CSS pretty easy to understand then I want to dig dipper more.

    Thanks for this. I am now ringing our local bookstore for its availability.


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