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    Auto Stretching Linear Gradient Background To Any Browser Resolution


    I could find a answer after google a several times
    Anyone know how to let the background looks like vbulletin dot org

    No matter how you reduce or increase the browser resolution, it is still showing perfectly by auto scaling and stretching.

    After i checked, it is using a single jpg file as the background

    so I'm wondering how it works by only stretching 2 end side and remain the center white colour part. and the site content has a fixed width.

    hope somebody could help me. thank you

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    They have the image as the background – it is a single gradient which fades from one solid color to another that spans the entire page width, the background color itself matches the furthest edge of the screen so when it “fades out” it will fade into a solid color which will work for any width. As for the white content box, this is nothing more than a center aligned div with a fixed width which has a white background color.


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