Hi, I'm new to the forum and have been searching around a little; thanks for all the great info.

I have a question that relates to the guidelines for where sites for sale are listed in the Marketplace. I see in the guidelines the following rule:

However, if your site meets any of the following criteria, then it should be considered a Startup Web Site and should be listed in the Startup Web Sites For Sale category:

* The site is less than 30 days old, even if it's generating revenue
* The site generates no significant revenue not even enough to cover hosting cost.
* The site is in an unfinished state such that it is of no use to visitors yet.
* The site is based on a commonly available script or piece of software and does not contain any unique content.

The colored points I've highlighted are what's confusing me. I interpret it as a site with income of zero to say $5 a month must be listed in the Start Up category. I have no problem with that. What I don't understand is how there are many sites listed in the Established Sites with zero income? It states above that if your site meets any of the criteria that it's Start Up; how does it come to be then that there are quite a number of sites listed in the Established section with zero income. I feel I might be misunderstanding the rules...I hope you can clarify this one for me.
Many thanks.