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    I was wondering what the difference was between the file en the fopen function. I always use the file function to read a file, like this:

    $data = file('file.txt');

    I know that I can also use the fopen function to do the same, but what are the difference between these two function? Which one is the best to use?

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    file() loads the entire contents of the specified file into an array, with each line of the file becoming one array element.

    fopen() allows you to open a file for reading or writing, so that you can then use fread() or fwrite() to read/write specific portions of the file, for example. When you're done with the file, you should call fclose() to close it and make it available to other programs/PHP scripts again.

    file() is very convenient for grabbing the whole file at once, but if you only need a couple of lines out of a very large file it can be very wasteful. file() also doesn't let you write the file.

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