I have an XML parser and I am assigning it like this:

Code Ruby:
					song = {}
					song['source'] = item.elements['location'].text
					song['song'] = item.elements['title'].text
					song['artist'] = item.elements['creator'].text
					@songs << song

It attaches itself onto songs which is done like:
@songs = []

In my view I am displaying it like:
Code Ruby:
	<% @songs.each do |song| %>
           <%= song['artist'] %>
        <% end>

My question is how do I make it so its a model instead of displaying it improperly like that on the view page? How do I make it so I can do
Code Ruby:
<% for song in @songs %>
<%= song.artist %>
<% end >

instead of what I have now? Thank you for the help.