I created a file upload form to upload images into my databse. I am now having trouble displaying those images on my web pages....The only thing that is displayed is: /tmp/php17616aa instead of the image...

I also added the following input to my forms...and mysql is still storing my photo under the /tmp/php17616aa scheme...

//insert photo stuff here
if ("image/pjpeg" == $businesslogo_type
or "image/gif" == $businesslogo_type) {
// Handle the file...
} else {
echo("<P>Please submit a JPEG or GIF image file.\n");

// Pick a file extension
if ( "image/pjpeg" == $businesslogo_type )
$extension = ".jpg";
$extension = ".gif";

// The complete path/filename
$filename = "C:\\Uploads\\" . time() .
$REMOTE_HOST . $extension;

// Copy the file
if (copy($businesslogo, $filename)) {
echo("<P>File stored successfully as $filename.");
} else {
echo("<P>Could not save file as $filename!");