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    More efficient, which?

    Just wondering, the easiest way I can think of to give an example is this:

    Scenario A:
    Need to figure out post count on a forum
    Everytime someone posts their row updates a post_count field by 1, and then that number gets displayed.

    Scenario B:
    You use count();(If I remember correctly) to tally all the posts that are started by that user and display that number.

    Since most major forum systems use a post_count field in their tables I'm going to assume scenario A is more efficient, but does it really matter?

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    but does it really matter?
    On really large tables, it can.

    Mysql with myIsam tables use the counter trick to lighten the server work.
    I encountered situations where having multi million rows to be counted, with a where clause led to several seconds of work for the db (postgresql, back in 1999. They got better since..)

    So yes, it can make a difference.

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    how many times does a person post, versus how many times is his post count retrieved for display?

    that'll guide your decision | @rudydotca
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