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    Creating a rule editor for Users with less programming knowledge

    Hi All

    I came across a client who needs rule interface for creating real time rules creation using And and Or logical operators.

    So decided to do some research how rule interfaces are created so I happened to find this link

    jus copy the below text and paste it in google
    jboss, drools, featuresandscreenshots. screenshots

    where it has a rule editor screen shot (heading: Eclipse Guided Editor ). It has rule created using, when and then condition

    Now I have to create a rule interface which will have attributes with And / Or logical condition between rules with operators <, >, <=, >=, range, in, not in for values. like,

    jus copy the below text and paste it in google
    campaignmonitor, resources, entry, 1695, creating-and-using-segments

    But the problem is we can have any combination of

    like ((a&&b) or c ) and d)

    (a or (b or c) and (d or e)) and so on.

    My interface has to satisfy these conditions. like grouping and ungrouping the attributes after the condition is created

    Please help me if you have come across any of these rule creating interfaces.

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