Evening all,

I've been experimenting with Bridge's metadata functionality, and I'm confused about the relationship between keywords that are added to a jpeg in Bridge, and keywords that are added to a jpeg manually (outside of Bridge, by right-clicking file, Properties > Summary > Description > Keywords)? Are the keywords mutually exclusive of one another, or do they relate to the same piece of metadata?

I added some keywords to a jpeg file and then closed Bridge. As expected, the keywords were picked up in Bridge when I re-opened the application, but the keywords were not visible by right-clicking the file and choosing properties > summary > keywords. Are the keywords supposed to be visible in the file properties or are the keywords stored in Bridge's configuration?

I tried searching Google for an answer to this to no avail, so I thought I'd ask in here (Photography seemed to be the best place to post this thread, but apologies if this question belongs somewhere else).