I am new to CakePHP and I am having trouble getting the extension error message to display. The error message for the email rule displays fine when someone enters an improperly formatted email and I tried other examples of Cake's built in validation, they all seem to work fine except for the extension validation. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong.

Here are the validation rules in my model:
var $validate = array(
'imageupload' => array(
'rule' => array('extension', array('gif', 'jpeg', 'png', 'jpg'),
'message' => 'Please supply a valid image.'
'message'=>'Please enter a proper email'

Here is the snippet code in the Controller:
function add(){
if (!empty($this->data)) {



Finally the snippet code in my view:

echo $form->create('Student',array('type' => 'file'));
echo $form->input('email');
echo $form->file('imageupload');
echo $form->end('Add');

Again, the display message for the email displays correctly so I know that the validation is working at least somewhat. The validation for the file upload seems to operate correctly. If I try to upload a file with a .DOC extension the "save" fails except that it does not display the error message at all.

Please help.... what am I doing wrong?