I am building a community/portal. This will support a local foreign community in a large city. This Website will sustain itself on Advertising and services, so there will be a commercial aspect.
Here is my Wish list:
  • Preferably free open source (I have a limited budget)
  • PHP/Mysql
  • Single Sign-on (as much as possible)
  • Easy to Admin and manage content for a non-programmer.
  • Classifieds (Not free, must be able to accept payment)
  • Job board
  • Yellow pages/business directory (Not free)
  • Personals/Dating (again, not free)
  • The ability to display both English and Chinese Characters.
  • The ability to switch between English or Chinese Menus.
  • It would be great if the content displayed on the front page could change depending on which language they choose.
  • forums w/ private forums
  • Member Blogs

I think you get the idea.. The number of Web CMS available today is overwhelming, and it seems you must choose the right tool for the job to avoid running into road blocks. I am not a developer, so I would like to be able to achieve most of the above using modules/gadgets/add-ons. Which CMS do you recommend for this project based on CMS capabilities and available modules. Your advice and recommendations are greatly appreciated.