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    i'm trying to access a oracle database with php4 (but it's in a php3 extension file) and the follow error occurs:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: ora_logon() in c:\PHP\teste\frameset.php3 on line 2

    with the php-3.0.16-win32 this error doesn't occur but i'm trying to convert it to php4 because of the session handling.

    can someone tell me why this error happens? i'm trying to use php-4.0.1pl2-Win32.


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    Sounds to me like the version of PHP you're using does not have Oracle database support built in. Thus, the Oracle-related functions are unavailable.

    To enable Oracle database support in PHP under Windows, you need to obtain the extension DLL (php_oracle.dll), place it in your PHP directory, and then add "extension=php_oracle.dll" line to your C:\WINDOWS\php.ini file.

    If you're trying to access an Oracle 8 database, you should get the php_oci8.dll file instead (in which case you should also use the OCI* functions in PHP, not the ora_* functions).

    The only place I know of to get the extension DLL's not included with the Windows distribution is from . Unfortunately, I've heard that some people have problems with these.

    Anyway, they're worth a shot. Give it a try and let us know how you go!

    -Kevin Yank.
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