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    Post mysql can't connect from client side


    I am running mysql-5.0.77-linux-i686 in fedora 10. I already configured
    mysql server in my apache web server. Its running nicely. For starting mysql & to run the MySQL client program and connect to the MySQL
    server I type the following command:
    mysql -h hostname u username -p

    My client program is run on the same computer as the server thats why I use -h localhost or h if I leave this part(hostname) thats also no problem mysql server also running in my pc(server).
    But problem is that other client in the network (intranet) can't connect with this server. My web server already connected with the intranet. other client can use my web server but can't connect with
    the mysql databse server.

    can anyone please give me any idea in that.

    thank you in advance.

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    If they just cannot connect, they it may be firewall problem.
    If then cannot login, then it may be MySQL configuration issue: you need to allow the user to connect from the specific host. See GRANT examples here:
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    look in my.cnf, if you don't have a
    in there. This would mean that the sql server don't listen to network connection.
    As local / localhost connection are going through a pipe, and not the network, it would be the reason why you can connect and not the other computer


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