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    Need an issue in Internet Explorer fixed

    At the moment my site is not displaying properly in Internet Explorer for some reason. I would like to get someone to fix this problem. How can I make sure I can get someone on a freelance site like RentaCoder but ensure the coder does not hack my site? Its an established quality site. Should I back up first?

    I have been trying to figure what the problem is and tried various things but couldn't fix it. I am some coding knowledge but not an expert by any means.

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    If it is a static website powered by just XHTML and CSS and some JavaScript then just make sure you have them files backed up on your machine incase something happens. There shouldn't be a problem though.

    If the website is dynamic with PHP and a MySQL powered database then export and backup the database too as well as keep all the PHP files backed up as well.

    If the information in the database is private and contains peoples data then you are probably best off getting a contract sorted out of some sort or going to a local web developer who you can meet face to face.

    Could you tell us a bit about your problem your having? If it is front-end then you shouldn't really spend loads of money on getting some coding problem fixed, we could help and you could learn a bit more too but if it's a back-end issue then I guess you should hire someone.

    Goodluck with getting your site fixed! Hope everything goes well!

    Andrew Cooper


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