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    Apache and Tomcat not on speaking terms

    I've been using Tomcat for awhile to serve HTML with the intent of migrating to JSP when I have time to learn it (I'm fairly proficient with Java). I recently followed Kevin Yank's excellent JSP Quick-Start Guide to install Apache as a W2K Pro service and followed the instructions to convert Tomcat to a service and set the configurations for them to talk. Everything worked as expected, but after I rebooted, Apache didn't seem to talk to Tomcat anymore. They both work correctly when I point to them individuallly. I checked the configs again and made sure the services are running. Any other ideas?


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    aah, apache, tomcat 4.0.x, webapp and windows...the perfect combination

    ...ok here's what seems to be happening

    on starting windows/login, the apache service is starting before the tomcat service, so the warp connector won't work.

    on my win2K computer i setup the apache service to be dependent on the tomcat service (i.e. only start after tomcat is started) but this does not work. it seems apache starts before tomcat is 'fully' started.

    my clumsy workaround (and it is clumsy) for Win2K:
    create a batch file (e.g. apacheFix.bat) containing:
    net stop apache
    net start apache
    and save it to:

    C:/Documents and Settings/All Users.WINNT/Start Menu/Programs/Startup
    (if needed, change C: to whatever your windows install partition is)

    now whenever someone logs in this batch file will run and restart apache.

    hopefully though, someone has a better solution.


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