Hey all.

This is the situation that I'm in. I have a "main page" from which many programs are called. The main page has tabs and when a tab is clicked, a program is called.

The way I see it, I have a few choices.
1) Add the "header tabs" to every page and load it.

2) Never leave the "main page" but instead, load the called programs in an <iframe>

3) Never leave main page and create sections for each "called program", essentially making the main page ONE big program. When a tab is clicked, the appropriate section is displayed.

The called pages will have data that needs sorted which I do by sending the necessary info to a routine via AJAX which then displays it to the page.

I'm looking to do this correctly, any suggestions? Or is there a good book to read on this sort of thing? I was recommended to a book in another thread but haven't had a chance to research it yet so I don't know if that applies.