Hello, another stupid question...I am having trouble outputting more than one colum from mysql using the following structure...any pointers? I don't have any problems if I only include one column, but I would think the following structure would work....


// Request the text of all the business listings
$result = mysql_query("SELECT Business_Name, Business_Description, Address_1, Address_2 FROM Business");
if (!$result) {
echo("<P>Error performing query: " .
mysql_error() . "</P>");

// Display the text of each joke in a paragraph
while ( $row = mysql_fetch_array($result) ) {
echo("<P>" . $row["Business_Name"] . "</P>"
"<P>" . $row["Business_Description"] .
"<P>" . $row["Address_1"] . "</P>"
"<P>" . $row["Address_2"] . "</P>");