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    Cooler patterned backgrounds ?

    Do you guys have any tutorials or articles for "high-end" background patterns. Many of them you'll see on CSS Zen Garden or the like...

    ...every background tutorial I see on Google (or article) absolutely sucks, they're from 1991 or they're rockin' some sort of unicorn clip art if that gives you some idea.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    For what it is worth I tend to find websites that I like and look at how they are built including background graphics. Most of the time you can download and look at the tile they're using.

    If you are talking about creating a full skin to use in the background it is quite a different little beast. Most of the best artwork I've seen implemented in that sort of website is where there was obviously a very clear brief of the style of website and the design team understood the limits on what parts they were responsible for actually designing.

    Most of Zen garden falls into this category. They are one idea executed well, the graphics design supports that one idea.


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