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    Ian Alexander
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    Runtime Errors Browsing with W2K Server

    I'm doing some web browsing with a W2K server box and I'm getting run time errors while browing.

    They'll all Javascript errors. Is there a simple way to fix this?

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    Probably due to script debugging being enabled in your browser.

    This means any script errors on webpages you view will bring up the 'runtime error' dialog box.

    Assuming your using Internet Explorer go to:

    Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced ->

    Under 'Browsing':
    Check the box for 'Disable script debugging'.
    Uncheck (if checked) the box for 'Display a notification about every script error'.

    click Apply

    Restarting the browser won't hurt.

    hope this helps

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    Ian Alexander
    SitePoint Community Guest

    That worked

    Thanks for advice!


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