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    Anyone has used Server2Go by Timo Haberkern ?

    I was playing with server2go, aim being to copy a functional database driven website to a CD.

    I was having some confusion regarding copying the database. Server2go documentation says "If you want to create a MySQL database driven application you need to place your database in the dbdir directory and copy this directory to the CD too".

    Now what does this "place your database in the dbdir directory" might possibly mean? In the online server, I generally export database from one phpmyadmin to another, in similar circumstances.

    Wondering what would be the way to proceed here.

    Cheers guys.

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    In my localhost server there us a folder "mysql" that contains "backup", "bin", "data", "share" folders and ".bat" files. In the "data" folder there are folders for each of the databases. For example, one is named "phpmyadmin". That folder contains a "db.opt" file and sets of ".frm", ".MYD", and ".MYI" files for each table in the database.

    I don't know for certain, but I imagine if this is to go onto a CD then you will need to include everything - the "mysql" folder and everything in it.

    I have Windows, so things might be different for other OSs, but you could always specify that the CD "requires Vista" or whatever I suppose.

    EDIT: I see from the site
    Runs on all versions of Windows from Win 98 and above, MAC OSX support is coming
    Support for MySQL 5 Databases
    So there may be a "data" folder already there (named "dbdir" ??) and you only need to put the database named folders into it.


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