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    Question Choosing a Developer: Custom Coding Vs Open Source CMS?

    Hi All

    I am developing a simplified social shopping site not unlike (minus the auction) and have found 2 developers to help me as I am not a programmer.

    While the initial site will have the minimum requirements for users to post and buy items, I am looking to add on more functionality over time such as exporting item lists, etc which would require custom coding in the future.

    My question is which should I go for; a developer who is going to custom code it or use an existing CMS? I know that custom coding takes far longer, BUT the developer will be able to highly modify the site as they will already know the code inside out or to use a CMS like Drupal/Joomla and add on more modules or customise as the need requires? Just how hard is it to modify open source cms'?

    Thanks so much for your help.

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    The first place I'd investigate is whether there is an existing ecommerce system that would handle most of your needs (current and future), but is capable of being extended in the future to add any non-standard functionality. This would probably save you the initial expense of having something built from scratch, and have a solid platform to base everything on.

    If you went down the custom route I'd suggest forming a long term relationship with a developer, when you need future updates the developer will already be familiar with your system.


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