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    Recruiters and this statement

    I have been wanting to ask this question for a while because I don't see it as a bad thing for those of us looking for jobs.

    Why is it that if my resume is submitted more than once to a client it could be a "bad thing"? I see it as getting more chances to get a job offer if more than one recruiter has my resume.

    What is your take on this note I continuously receive?

    **NOTE: There are other companies working on this position, so if you are contacted PLEASE let them know you have been contacted by "recruiter name". This will help avoid a double-submittal which may put you at risk for a double-submittal.**

    Why is this a risk for "us"? The only people I can see who can lose from this would be the recruiter. If another recruiter has more clout or better salesmans skills and they get us the job how can this be a "risk" for us?

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    i think it's just a matter of courtesy

    suppose you were a recruiter, and you spent time getting a contact, and finding the requirements of a position, and then submitted a candidate who you thought would fit, only to be told by the hiring manager, "sorry, we've already received this person's application, we can't accept him from you"

    you're saving the recruiter the embarrasment, and this courtesy can only improve your working relationship

    make sure you know exactly which positions each recruiter is submitting you to, and do ~not~ let a recruiter send your résumé to any position without your approval | @rudydotca
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