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    Query for the rule of thirds from Book The principles of beautiful web design (Pg:10)

    I am newbie in web designing.I am reading the book "The principles of Beautiful Web Design". In chapter 1 page 10, the rule of thirds I need more explanation since the text is fine but the figure 1.7 is not upto the mark according to the text or I think I am interpreting it wrong.

    For the illustration purpose I have taken the canvas of 800*1000 pixel to design the web page, please explain the sentence step by step as I have attached the figure what I have interpreted reading the text in the "Rule of Thirds" section on page 10.

    1. Draw a rectangle ..... Done and clear in my thought.
    2. Divide Rectangle horizontally and vertically by thirds.... Done clear in my thought.
    3. Divide the top third of your layout into thirds again...... not clear Need more help is this the top most row that we have to divide into three.
    4. Divide each of your column in half to create a little more of a grid.... Done and Clear ....

    Please help and if you have any stuff that can help me this part please let me know.


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    Yeah, once you have divided your rectangle into thirds horizontally and vertically, divide the top third into thirds again. At least that is what I get from it.

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