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    sending messages to fax

    I hope I've posted this in the right place.....

    A client at work has requested to have the facility to send messages through their cms to peoples fax numbers.

    Their site currently has 60 members who have fax numbers stored in the database with the rest of their contact details and our client wants to be able to send messages to those fax numbers through the CMS.

    They already have the facility to send SMS messages through the CMS using a facility called clickatell. How this works is that I have built an internal messaging system using php and mySQL that allows the admin to send messages to all members or individual ones that show in their personal CMS (a scaled down version of the main CMS the web admin's have access to). This works by displaying messages dependent on the member_id the record in the database has associated with it. When they recieve a message, that member gets a text message telling them to log in to check their messages. The fax facility has to work in a similar way.

    I have absolutely no idea how to achieve this so wondered if anybody out there has any suggestions...

    All suggestions are helpful, even if it can't be done the way I've described. The client says this is a really important feature so any help at all would be really appreciated.


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