Hi all...

I've recently just started a new project where I am working with another developer from a different country. We're both using Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, both use TextMate as a code editor and are using the symfony PHP framework for our web application.

We've been looking for some ways to ease our development process and need to be working on the same files at the same time.

We've tried Panic's Coda which implements the SubEthaEdit collaborative editing feature which works perfectly for single files. However, we are in need of a solution which will show us the whole directory structure (like the TextMate project drawer) and allow us to share them all at once.

One of us can SSH into the other's machine for running the symfony tasks required for creating and managing the symfony project, and we can web share so we can look at the site as it progresses. We just can't figure out a sensible way to do the collaborative text editing for a whole project.

We surely can't be the only development team facing this problem, so if someone could please shed some light on how you're doing it, that would be great!