Hi All
I am new to Rails but not new to programming.
I have been trying to learn Rails using the Simply Rails 2 Book that I purchased and downloaded.
I have spent hours repeating the steps in the first 6 chapters, at the point of all most giving up I managed to finally get through it. I don't want anybody else to go through the same pain that I did to get this working.

PLEASE NOTE: If the following errors are in fact not errors and I have failed in following the instructions, please let me know.

My suspected errors are as follows

On page 159 the line
<% form_for @story do |f| %>
did not work for me
I got it working using
<% form_for :story do |f| %>
NOTE: I have replaced the @ symbol with a :

On page 164 I was asked to add
map.resources :stories
to my routes.rb file
I found that it made no difference if I added that or not (test done after I got everything working)

On page 166 I found that the following did not work for me

def create
@story = Story.new(params[:story])

I had to add the code

@story = Story.new(params[:story])

to the already existing "new" method (not create another method called "create")

If I am wrong I would like to know where I went wrong. If I am correct I hope I have helped other get over this hurdle.