I am creating a site with lots of content. I want to be able to update the content and have php automatically insert the new items into my webpages.

For example say I have a folder of articles as text files. I will add new files/articles to this folder -which also has sub-folders for different categories of articles.

I want php to scan the folders and automatically display the articles in my webpages, eg: in my webpage of articles about food -the php will find all the files/articles in the food subfolder of the articles directory and display a list of articles in a pre-defined css layout -with each article's title and description specified in the file. And do the same for each category of articles. Or maybe even perhaps if I specify category tags in the article files instead of using subfolders -the articles can appear in multiple categories.

I am quite happy -for now to create webpage/index controllers that grab the data from my articles directory, but having multiple categories that need to be updated takes a lot of time.

I only know how to create the simplest of php template systems for my outer html layout/shell. I presume I will need to create a more advanced sql database for the functionality I am looking for.

I am also interested in dynamically created webpages, but I understand search engines have trouble reading them. Is there is an application that runs dynamic php and webpage files and then compiles dozens or hundreds of webpages from them? I wonder if this kind of compilation is ever necessary, or if php/sql can do all the work on the fly and somehow make it perfect for search engines -I mean if the webpages do not exist(until requested to be generated by someone requesting a webpage via a link on my site), then they will only be crawled by search engines if you create an absolutley flawless sitemap and the search engine crawls the site map flawlessly -both of which I do believe impossible for a website with hundreds of webpages. Also there is the fact that dynamic php pages take a long time to load when requested by a user, so if I can spend a few hours compiling my own pages before I upload them to my live-server, then the pages will be ready online for people to view, as well as search engines for crawling purposes.

Also are there any frameworks anyone can reccommend?