Hi all,
I'm specifically interested in which of the above 3 FREE CMS's you'd use with a "cheaper" client. (Church, charity, activist group, whatever). So I know many of you love Expression Engine but I'm trying to get a feel for what sitepoint members might use out of the above big 3 FREE CMS's, and just tick "other" if you have another one and leave a comment on this thread about that choice please. If you wish to explain why you prefer one FREE CMS over another, that would be interesting as well.

I know this is the eternal debate, but also keep in mind none of this is definitive as Drupal 7 is coming out (addressing many of the usability issues as defined by various university studies.... see Drupal wikipedia entry) and Joomla 1.6 is also coming out this year. So maybe we'll have to do this again in a year or so when everyone's adjusted to the reshuffle.