As much as I love the simplified error messages and validations in rails, it seems like a huge process to get anything customized and I haven't found any resources that seem to be easy. What I want here is pretty simple:

I have a form that validates_presence_of a few items. All I want is to change the markup of the error message displayed when there's an error. Here's my code:

<div><%= f.label :name, 'Full Name', :class => 'strong' %><%= f.error_message_on :name %></div>
<div><%= f.text_field :name %></div>
So, I just want the f.error_message_on to be in a span instead of a div, so it's display directly beside the label, not underneath.

Reading through form builders and error handling and such seems extremely complicated. Is there no simple way to just display this error in it's own span so I can style it appropriately?