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    uploading .htaccess and .htpasswd above the www root

    I have read that for security reasons it is best to place the .htaccess file and the .htpasswd file above the www root of your site. How can one do that through an FTP agent when you cannot access above the root?
    Is the cgi-bin classed as being above the root? Can I put the .htaccess and .htpassword file in there?

    It might be obvious by now I really don't know what i am doing. Just guessing and hoping for answers or an expalnation.

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    Hi Bob,

    I think that the tip is best used if you are administrating your own physical server, or if you have a provider where your web root directory is a sub-directory of your home space (many ISP's do this). The cgi-bin is perhaps the worst place to add your .htpasswd/.htaccess files because the permissions given are so great.

    If it's an Apache server then the files are usually protected - from the web, anyway.

    Hope this helps...


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