Hi. I'm very new to web design, and I'm working on an existing site just mostly doing updates.

The problem I'm having is that my latest files in my site folder have broken images, and the template I've been using w/images and links doesn't show in my site folder either. However, they show fine in the web browsers. When I ask DW to validate the markup, it shows tags missing on the template. (This template is used throughout the site)

The things I've done that might have affected it (but I'm not sure), was I installed an external hard drive and copied the site folder to it. While I was installing, however, a screen came up that I thought was part of the software with the drive - memeo auto sync and picassa that I agreed to (I know, not to bright on my part ). Picassa went through every one of my photos in my computer (including my site folder) and did its thing with them. --I've removed this software since.

I also recently have done some file management on the site, grouping archive files by year. I clicked 'yes' on all the update link questions dreamweaver asked, and re-uploaded all of it on the remote site. --But the files are duplicated on the remote site, although it works fine (not sure how to fix this problem either).

Well, anyways, I'm pretty much totally panicked, so if anyone has any advice at all, I really would appreciate it!