I am new to CURL library, due to lack of information regarding CURL, I hope any expert of CURL able to answer my doubts regarding CURL.

1) do {
$mrc = curl_multi_exec($mh, $running);
} while($running > 0);
Can anybody explain this? As I understand this function is executing the handler, but how we know each handle has been completed execute? When I echo the variable, $running, it always equal to 3. So, I am not understand how we know "each" handle has been completed execute.

2) How we trace is each submission is successful? (I am using multiple execute, so it will be a stack)

3) foreach ($curly as $curl_count => $c) {
$result[$curl_count] = curl_multi_getcontent($c);
curl_multi_remove_handle($mh, $c);
curl_mutliple_getcontent is returning the page of the submission?

Thanks in advanced.