Hi all

I've got my first question now

i have a contact form on my site in which the user can write her name, her email adress und her message she wants to send me.(unfortunately i haven't got PHP or any other server side language running on the server)

now i want to build an email string according to these variabales got from the form, here's my code

function build_mail()
  form = document.form1;
  name = form.name.value;
  email = form.email.value;
  nachricht = form.nachricht.value;
  body = "Hallo,"+name+" [ "+email+" ] schrieb folgende Nachricht: "+nachricht;
  subject = "Mail von konfi.nes-evangelisch.de";
  location = "mailto:e.-schlemm@t-online.de?subject="+subject+"&body="+body;
the alert's are just set to see if the variables are built correctly, and surely they are

the problem is, how i can do it, that the newlines. which the user writes in the textarea field for the message, are still there in the email, which is built by javascript and is displayed in the user's standard email client.? "\r\n" doesn't work as well as "\n","\r" or"<br>".

I've got no more idea, i hope u can help me out

P.S. plz excuse my bad english skills, i hope it's still understandable

P.P.S. If I'm talking about a "user" or a " person", do i use him/his oder her/her?

that was all

THX a lot