Ok, this should be pretty simple, but i'm new to rails. I have a class person with normal people attributes (name, eye colour etc) and they have_many : photos. I'm using attachment_fu as my file uploader. Here's what I need, when I show the person, I'm going to also show their attributes + uploaded photos, AND have an upload field that a user can add another photo, then redirect back to showing that person. Only, I don't know how to do this in the show action of the person controller. Do I need a controller for my photo class, or can this all be achieved through the parent/child relationship of people to photos. Also, I'm using InPlaceEditing for changing the person attributes in the show action, so I don't have an edit or update page, just want it all done through the one show page. Can someone give me a brief breakdown of what I want, ie. routes, controller action, and the form code in the view etc? I'm totally stumped and this should be super simple.