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Thread: Big mistake!

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    Big mistake on web site submissions!

    Here it is:

    I have several sites that have used or still use CGI formail or aspmail for thier form submissions. None of the submitted information is put in a DB. Now I have all these emails with site submissions. I'm trying to put together an email list of the visitors that specified that they would like to receive email updates. So, I need to at least get the name and email address for each submission where the contact field = yes. Here's the worst part I think. All of these emails are in Outlook Express! There seems to be no way to effectively consolidate this data and make it more useable. Here's an example of the Outlook Express email:

    Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
    ( on Monday, April 29, 2002 at 13:31:50
    contact_name: Bob Lob

    street_address: 343 Web Road

    city: HB

    state: California

    zip: 92649

    day_phone: 714-555-5555

    refered_by: Other

    other: already member

    plan_interest: Plan II

    questions_comments: What does Plan II Cost?

    Submit: Submit

    I think I can handle this in the future by writing this information to a flat file or DB. Any suggestions on how to deal with the Outlook Express emails and data? Links to references about handling web site submissions? Tools that might help?

    Muchos, muchos gracias!
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    I'm pretty sure formmail can be changed to make an output file on your server.

    take a look at this:

    BFormMail is a modification of Matt Wright's FormMail v1.9.,
    Support for a flat file database. Several fields define the location of the database file, which fields to append to the database and the delimiter between fields.
    hope this helps,



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