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    PHP form validation for multiple radio btns


    I'm new to PHP and am having problems getting PHP to validate a HTML form that contains multiple radio buttons and text fields.

    Basically, the form has 7 sections, each pertaining to an MP3 track. In each section the user has to select one of four radio buttons (poor, average, good, excellent) and also enter comments in a text field. Note that the user doesn't have to enter feedback on EVERY section (track). Even if he/she chooses ONE radio button on ONE track (with no comment), that is acceptable.

    In a nutshell, the PHP file has to determine whether ONE or MORE radio button/s are selected, or NONE at all. This then prompts it to confirm that the form is OK (and then processes it), or give an error message. Below is a sample of the HTML code for the radio buttons, and the PHP code I'm currently using which doesn't work:

    <input type="radio" name="Track1" value="poor">
    <input type="radio" name="Track1" value="average">
    <input type="radio" name="Track1" value="good">
    <input type="radio" name="Track1" value="excellent">

    $to = 'myemail(AT)';
    $Track1 = $_POST['Track1'];
    $Track1Cmnt = $_POST['Track1Cmnt'];
    $Track2 = $_POST['Track2'];
    $Track2Cmnt = $_POST['Track2Cmnt'];
    $Track3 = $_POST['Track3'];
    $Track3Cmnt = $_POST['Track3Cmnt'];
    $Track4 = $_POST['Track4'];
    $Track4Cmnt = $_POST['Track4Cmnt'];
    $Track5 = $_POST['Track5'];
    $Track5Cmnt = $_POST['Track5Cmnt'];
    $Track6 = $_POST['Track6'];
    $Track6Cmnt = $_POST['Track6Cmnt'];
    $Track7 = $_POST['Track7'];
    $Track7Cmnt = $_POST['Track7Cmnt'];
    if (empty($Track1) || empty($Track1Cmnt) || empty($Track2) || empty($Track2Cmnt) || empty($Track3) || empty($Track3Cmnt) || empty($Track4) || empty($Track4Cmnt) || empty($Track5) || empty($Track5Cmnt) || empty($Track6) || empty($Track6Cmnt) || empty($Track7) || empty($Track7Cmnt)) {
    echo "<font face=\"Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif\" size=\"2\" color=\"#000000\">Submission error. Please enter some user input before pressing 'Submit'.</font>";
    echo "<br><br><a href='javascript:history.back(1);'><font face=\"Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif\" size=\"2\" color=\"#000000\">Back to main page</font></a>";
    else {
    echo "<font face=\"Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif\" size=\"2\" color=\"#000000\">Thank you for sending your opinion/s on the selected track/s.</font>";
    echo "<br><br><br><br><a href='WEBPAGE' target='_parent'><font face=\"Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif\" size=\"2\" color=\"#000000\">Back to main page</font></a>";
    mail($to, $subject, $msg");

    I have a feeling that the processing part at the end (mail($to, etc.)) is wrong as well... any tips and advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!


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    If you want one or more items selected use checkboxes, or make sure that the radio input element has a different name. Giving the raidio input element the same name groups them and only one item in that group can be selected.
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